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saas & software source code escrow articles

The Right to Delivery Up of Intellectual Property Rights
Phil Smith, Esq. interviewed by: Helen Redding

Financing Alternatives for Companies: Using Intellectual Property as Collateral
By: Bruce W. Burton, CPA, CFF, CMA, CLP
Emma Bienias, CFA
Candice K. Quinn, CPA

Where source code goes to die
By: The Economist Magazine, May 1, 2012

Selected Intellectual Property Issues Arising in Bankruptcy Cases
By: Joel H. Levitin, Anna C. Palazzolo and Itai D. Tsur

Protecting Against Bankruptcy of an ASP
By: Elaine Laflamme and Noel Humphreys

Source Code Escrow
By: James Swanson, BASc, LLB, MBA

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