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Source Code Escrow Protect Your Interests...



Use source code escrow to close new business

Protect your investment in mission-critical software

Using a source code escrow agreement to aid in the business development cycle is a simple and cost effective way to tell your prospective customers that we want you to sleep easy every night because we stand behind our software. Source code escrow agreements, with fresh source code deposits, allow users to avoid disaster if something were to occur to developer or the application itself because the source code escrow will give their customers access to the source code for immediate application maintenance and re-deployment.

Avoid a disaster. What happens if the software owner goes out of business, sunsets the application or sells the business? The use of source code escrow agreement with fresh replacement deposits and a verified deposit allows the users to rest assured knowing that should something ever happen to the software owner they can step in the shoes of their vendor because they have access to the source code and they can now maintain the application which gives them the time to migrate their data to another solution.


InnovaSafe is a veteran owned and operated byusiness proudly serving our clients with integrity since 2001


We will be there when you need us. You want a company that has the experience and has your back.


There is no need to pay more for the software source code escrow solutions that we provide. Our fees are the most reasonable in the industry from a Tier 1 vendor. We guarantee it.  


InnovaSafe undergoes regular and thorough examination by a third party firm of our internal control policies and practices. Learn More

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